Established 1975


Located on the south edge of Huntington Village, the restaurant is a charming Victorian house, which was converted into a relaxing Japanese-style inn.


Kurabarn was established in 1975 as a gift shop, specializing in hand-crafted goods from around the world. It slowly progressed into an Asian grocery store with cooking classes given by one of the original owners, Noriko Morimoto.

Over the next few years, Kurabarn evolved into one of the first restaurants serving authentic and contemporary Japanese cuisine on Long Island.

Makoto Yamada, head sushi chef/current owner, not only delights the visual senses, but takes the palate on a gastronomic experience by incorporating only the highest quality seafood, preparations, and ingredients. A traditionally trained chef in the art of sushi from Tokyo, Japan, Mr. Yamada has mastered his craft through 40 years of experience.

Commanding the kitchen is Hitoshi Sakurai, a restaurant owner/chef from Kobe, Japan. His background in art and design is reflected in his creations of contemporary Japanese dishes. His craftwork tempura never ceases to delight, and his specials are improvised on the spot, never repeating one twice.


One-of-a-kind wood sculptures, hand-carved lamps, and furniture designed and produced by the original co-owner, Nori Morimoto, are found throughout the restaurant.